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May 17, 2009
Hike up the mountain with friends Ted, Suzanne, David, Mike, Suzie

It was a narrow rocky drive up quite an incline. We reached a point where we could drive no further due to a snow slide.  Turning the vehicles around was a challenge.  Hang on, girls!  We're turning around!
On the left you can see the snowfall that prevented us from driving further.  The views from the rest of the walk were magnificent.
We met some hikers coming down the mountain, and they advised us that they couldn't get to the trail head because of snow.  We thought we'd try it anyhow and see how far we could get.
We suddenly came up on another snowfall that blocked the road ...and we continued our trek hoping there would be a clearing so we could have a picnic.
Wahoo!  We found a very narrow clearing close to the end of the mountainside, but since it looked like there would be nothing better up ahead, that is where we settled for our picnic.
The four photos above were taken by Mike.   Yahoo! Proof that I was there!!

And the section up to the photo of me & Suzie were taken by either Mike or Suzie.

After we decended to the bottom of the mountain, we took a little drive to Fort Steele. Unfortunately they closed at 5 pm so we missed it by a half hour or so. We we took some photos from the Fort Steele area then drove over to the gas station across the street and everyone had an ice cream treat.

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