It is with great sadness that we say goodbye to our friend Ed, who died on March 11, 2007 of a severe stroke.  He leaves us with many years of memories, all happy times when we danced together, and played cards together.  He made a serious Social Security player out of me ... taught me which cards to hold onto, how to play the Jokers properly ... how to play to win the game.

Alice, you know how fond of you both we have become.  Ed will remain cherished in our memories forever.  Our hearts ache for your loss, as we pray for you and comfort you with our friendship.


March 5, 2005


New Year's Eve 2006


Christmas 2002


Alice & Ed at our 20th Wedding Anniversary Party


Christmas Eve 2005


A night of Social Socurity (Also known as Joker)

January 22, 2007

Christmas Party, December 13, 2003


March 27, 2004

Christmas Eve, 2003


Me and Ed, New Year's Eve 2006

Ed, we will miss you more than you can ever know.