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Welcome to the world of Karen and Trevor. All personal photos on this website are
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Celebrate Dance 2011
Line Dance Convention in Burlington, Ontario

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Celebrate Dance 2011 was dedicated to dancer Carmen Mah, wife of Robert Mah, organizer of the event.


YouTube video link:



Karen Tripp with Amy Christian-Sohn and Michele Perron


The demos for the next day's dances:

(I will do another of these when I get time)

Amy Christian-Sohn, Michelle Perron, Rachel McEnaney, Scott Blevins

Joanne Brady, Scott Blevins, Amy Christian-Sohn




Amy Christian-Sohn doing a workshop on her dance "Always"
YouTube Link:


The staff

Amy Christian-Sohn models her beautiful Indian outfit.

The two DJs did a fantastic job! Thank you!






Judy McDonald

YouTube Video Link:

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