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Welcome to the world of Karen and Trevor. All personal photos on this website are
property of Karen Tripp and shall not be used elsewhere without my permission.

May 2015
We left for the weekend of May 1st to attend a dance festival in Creston, BC.
When we returned, there were streaks of water along the outside walls of the house. We knew this couldn't be good!
Upon entering, there was water all the way down the hall, gushing from the upstairs main bathroom.
The culprit:  A crack in the tank of the [Crane] toilet.
Water leaked into the basement below and caused the ceiling tiles to collapse,
falling into the downstairs drain.  The downstairs was flooded.
Damage is extensive, with the only room in the entire house not affected being the
one with a cement floor, Trevor's work space in the basement.

Crane is involved in a class action lawsuit for the millions of dollars in insurance claims.

Upstairs hallway, bathroom, master bedroom

Downstairs office, laundry area, ceiling collapse

All the photos above show where there was water.  The last shows that it was leaking from the ceiling in the office.

The couch was moved to the Work Room, the storage items from the furnace room were moved to the couch.
The feet of the couch are fabric-covered, and you can see how much water they absorbed.

The chip & dip dish was filled with water.  
The section of the office where the desk and bookcase are were unharmed.

The furnace room is also our storage room.  Water dripped from the ceiling down the wall.

The laminate is starting to swell.

The master bedroom floor is wet up to the bed, and into both closets. The dining room is now our office.

The contractors covered the stairs and started removing the carpeting. I started packing the sewing room.

Ripping up the floors downstairs.


The sewing room was wet to about a third of the way into the room.

I washed loads and loads of towels.
I used every towel I had, and had to keep the washer going all day in order to have enough.

The upstairs hallway floor is removed, up to and including the closet.
The master bedroom closet had to be emptied, so all the clothes were put on the spare bedroom bed.

The hallway floor will be removed, and a sample of the carpeting of the master bedroom was taken.

The downstairs bathroom and floor leading to it are all removed.

Downstairs everything is being moved around, boxed up, or covered with plastic.

The master bedroom closet is cleared out and the floor is removed.

The sewing room is being packed up.

The master bedroom closet has two wardrobe containers.  The spare room carpeting is gone, the daybed is stored.

Downstairs is torn apart. The feet of the couch are water-stained. Parts of the ceiling are removed to dry out.

The kitchen tiles surrounding the stove and fridge are swelling up.

We have our belongings on the deck, in the living room, and in the downstairs Work Room.

The downstairs bathroom vanity is damaged.  The utility sink and vanity are now in storage.


May 13:  After learning there is no asbestos in the underlying layers of the kitchen tile,
the contractors came in and started tearing up the kitchen floor.  Moisture was trapped
beneath the tile layer, between the tile and two layers of linoleum.

* * *

Blue Line Special
Click here to see the blue tape identifiers around the house,
showing what needs to be repaired or replaced.

* * *

May 19, 2015
The ceiling downstairs is exposed, and the walls identified by the blue tape are being taken down.

May 20, 2015
Main bathroom demolition.

Master bedroom closet demolition
 (sliding mirrored doors are propped and give a sense of distortion)


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