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03/09/2012 Wilma Australia Thank you for taking the effort to share your story. I have been looking all over to find a way to get rid of the Candida. Only since a year I realised that I have been living with Candida for 25 years (with many useless doctors that do not take you seriously) ! It's time to do something about it, my symptoms are getting worse. Most of the sites I found try to sell you something. Thank you so much for giving a lifeline and hope for recovery. It looks like a big effort to go through it (having a Chef as a husband will not make it easy) but in the end, if the headaches, smells and itches go away, it will be worth it.
2/16/2012 Cynthia Florida I just want to thank you for all the time you have taken to write to me and help me through my ups and downs with candida program. You are a wonderful person to have conquered this condition and have cared enough to come back and share your story to help others and to give up so much of your time. Your information is so valuable and gives such great information and understanding in simple terms. I honestly cringe when I see people ask if you are making $ of of this when you give so much of your time. Others may not appreciate it, but let me tell you, I sure do! (-:
1/14/2012 Kristin Stueve I have been to Dr. Pillar. I have been diagnosed with some serious health issues and I am going to try my best to stay on this diet. I have tried to download your printable book here but an error message pops up. Thank you for your web site! Sincerely, Kristin
10/24/2011 Elise Palm Bay, FL 32907 Private Have had Candida mostly as a Thrush outbreak, but I do believe it is in my throat and stomach/intestines. I have been sugar free for a week and have stopped being crabby. Question, why is it that doctors do not understand this problem? I was so ill, I hurt all over, I was so confused, my mouth was red and sore to the point that I was in bed for 4 days until I got another mouth swab and nystatin. My head is just clearing and I know I am in for a battle. I appreciate your site and I hope that you delete anything that is negative before you continue to read their nit picking. Do not stop what you are doing, I personally am screaming for recipies and ideas to stay away from all foods that are white and what foods go together. So I thank you that you were here.
10/13/2011 Michael Roberts Eastbourne, United Kingdom In 2000 I wrote to Karen to tell her that, by chance, I had found an alternative cure for Candida through Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM]. My full story is shown on Page 37 of her Guestbook. Eleven years later I am still fully cured having not had any re-occurrence whatsoever.
10/09/2011 Gaelena United States Karen, you have packed a lot of info in these pages and I am grateful for every word. I have been misdiagnosed for so many years that I'm amazed I keep going. I have been encouraged by your willingness to share your story. It has helped. Thank you.
09/24/2011 beth NC I very much appreciate your site and the abundant info; it is comprehensive and reflects someone who really wants to help others. I appreciate, also, the mention of products but the obvious lack of profit from it. God Bless!
08/29/2011 Lisa Nanaimo, BC, Canada   My mom has been struggling with getting rid of candida for about 4 years now. I am frustrated because everytime she is down to 1% the nature path lady says to wait 3 more weeks then reintroduce foods slowly like brown rice etc. Well everytime she introduces something she gets it back. She is now down to 70 pounds and cannot eat ANY sugar of any kind or wheat, barley or grains for that matter. She is struggling and beginning to lose it. She eats steamed vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner with chicken or tuna or salmon.
07/31/2011 Sheelagh Oslo, Norway   Hello, and thank you for mking this site! I just got the news from my doctor that I need to go on this diett, and if this is what i takes to get ridd of this problem then that's what I'll do. So thank you again for making it easier. Hug Ellinor
0507/2011 vicki Hello, I just started eliminating sugar out of my diet a week ago and the cellulite on my thighs are gone. I stumbled on your site while doing research for recipes. I love your site!
04/06/2011 Cheri     Thanks for the great information! How many times did you see your doctor in person??
03/19/2011 Pat L. Wisconsin So happy to have found your page! Probably been living with candida since 1984 when I had tonsilitis, strep & mono all at the same time. I haven't been really healthy since and NOW I KNOW WHY!
01/06/2011 Pat Oregon   I think your site is fabulous! I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with me for almost 20 years. I saw so many different doctors who told me things like "it just happens to some women" and "hopefully it'll go away". I finally stumbled across your site and found the information inspiring and that I might be able to fight this off too! I'm waiting for my supplements to arrive and then I will be starting the diet. I'm crossing my fingers that it will give me at least some relief. Thank you so much for your time and willingness to help others!
12/12/2010 Paula Akers Indiana I am so excited and relieved to realize that there is an explanation for the uncomfortable physical symptoms I've endured these past 20+ years. And, that there is hope for my recovery! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your powerful story with us. I am so inspired and motivated! I am just beginning my own recovery process and will keep you posted on how it's going! God bless you, Karen!
12/11/2010 Elzbeth     Yeast can also be starved off by a 21 day water only fast , bust most of us can not accomplish this feat because of our fears.
10/09/2010 Karyn Curtis Arizona desert    I was looking for instructions on how to use the SF722. It arrived today from Pure Formulas out of Miami, FL. Glad to have found instructions here, and a lot more.
09/25/2010 Private Hermon, Maine   I have had issues with this for a decade also...I started your diet today...hope it helps me.
09/14/2010 Cheryle San Antonio, Tx It is refreshing to know that I am not alone; sad to know we have to go through it, but I was beginning to feel like a crazy lady.
Also, Donna Gates website also has a sugar alternative, all natural and doesn't have the bitterness of Stevia. It does not negatively impact diabetes, but also does not promote the growth of Candida. Lakanto, a little expensive, but I also have a grand-daughter with sugar sensitivity, and it works great with her.
Thank you for sharing your trials and errors.
09/14/2010 Estelle Silver Nottingham, England Karen, thank you for so generously providing this information and for sharing your experience with Candida elimination.
03/21/2010 kathleen gibbs upstate ny hello. visited your site 8 or 9 years ago. need to do candida program. looked at your current site. many recipes are no longer available. can they be re-introduced??
03/08/2010 Private Alberta Canada   Thanks for all the information. I've been suspecting I had an overgrowth for a few months now and I think I've had it for a year or longer. This is of immense help. Now to track down things in Alberta!
02/04/2010 Ohne     Thank you Karen - where to send a donation for your website. Glad I found this site again. Just started with SF722
11/28/2009 Donna Crow Eugene, OR Really nice site, Karen.

Don't give up your efforts to help people just because a few emotionally
unhealed people question your character.

This site is a blessing
09/12/2009 Pena California   Karen, I just wrote you a long note but somehow I don't seem to be able to connect with you.
You may remember our corresponding years ago. I have a new book coming out Breathing Yourself to Beauty and Health. You may want the site. It is not up yet but I will send it to you when it is up if you respond to this note and if you want me to. I lost my beloved Clark in December, but I am doing well. Karen
09/05/2009 Kym Staffordshire, England   I am SO happy I have just found your website again. I used your diet plans and recipes about 7 years ago & it was amazing. I've been suffering again lately and tried to find you via Google and couldn't :-( I couldn't remember your name just that you also danced alot and that you lived in British Columbia! Today I searched for Candida Meals & recipes and guess who I found! Lovely to know you still run your website, it's the best I've ever discovered. This time I shall be keeping you in my favourites! (I wasn't very computer savvy last time!)
09/05/2009 Sue lower mainland bc what a great gift you have given me...I am just starting out solving my Physical issues and this website in information gave me the feeling I can do something about this for myself
08/31/2009 Dee Staffordshire, England   I am SO happy I have just found your website again. I used your diet plans and recipes about 7 years ago & it was amazing. I've been suffering again lately and tried to find you via Google and couldn't :-( I couldn't remember your name just that you also danced alot and that you lived in British Columbia! Today I searched for Candida Meals & recipes and guess who I found! Lovely to know you still run your website, it's the best I've ever discovered. This time I shall be keeping you in my favourites! (I wasn't very computer savvy last time!)
08/24/2009 Dolores Krug Millville, NJ 08332 Great Website I am going to try your recomendations. I hope I can do this I have such brain fog. Will this also help my stressed adrenals and high cortisol levels. Wish I had a doctor in my area.
08/20/2009 Diane Tolleson creston, bc am looking into any alternatives to what has been prescribed for me...thankyou for sharing your story and giving us a chance to make
08/11/2009 Lynne G. Toronto, Ontario   Hi Karen,

I was a candida sufferer for about 6 years and didn't know it. Then one day I started having gall blader problems and could barely eat anything without pain. I was desperately trying to find out what was at the root of my problem so that I would have to have my gall bladder removed. Your website became my solution. I followed the diet to a T and have fully recovered....not to mention having lost 23 pounds in the process. Now, I can eat anything I want again without pain or dicomfort. Since my recovery, I have also helped a handful of friends and family to overcome their own candida issues by referring them to your site.

Thanks Karen, we couldn't have done it without you.

Lynne G. from Toronto, ON
08/01/2009 bobbi ball i can't wait to start this plan. it sounds doable. i thought i was alone doing all the research.....guess you did it for me. :) thanks
07/07/2009 Patricia Missell Webster,NY I really learned many helpful things from your website. Thank you for having it out there for people like us that need hope!
07/03/2009 Bridget Harkins Annapolis, MD Hi Karen,

I wanted to write the final chapter of my journey with yeast and mercury. As you know, I figured out that it was a broken tooth with a "silver" filling that caused the start of my yeast problem. That filling is 50% mercury and I basically got poisoned from it. My body produced yeast in response to the mercury poisoning. Dr. Piller ordered a hair test and sure enough, I came back high in mercury, aluminum, tin and cadmium. Tin and mercury were from the filling. Dr. Piller has me on Lecithin 2pills 2x a day for the metal removal. Mercury depletes b12 which makes stomach acid so he had me supplelment with b12 and HCL. I also followed a protocol by Dr. Andrew Cutler and did his mercury removal protocol. Mercury is very dangerous to remove willy nilly. I recommend looking his protocol up for anyone interested in removing stored mercury. You must remove every source of mercury silver filling from the mouth including anything stuck under crowns!! My yeast went away naturally as the mercury got to safe levels in my body. I am now candida free and have been for the past 2 months. I still take candex just in case before bed and probiotics every morning. Good luck to everyone and I thank God, Dr. Piller, Karen Tripp and anyone else who tirelessly helps those with this condition. Feel free to email me if anyone needs help. God Bless...Bridget
05/29/2009 Laura Larson Saskatchewan Canada Thanks. I am on day one of the diet. I felt intimidated until I found your site and read your story.I am excited, although its only been 1 day I now realize all the symptomns I felt were not in my head. Thanks for all the info and sharing your journey.
05/21/2009 heather vancouver Thanks you're great, Best to you!
05/09/2009 Lola Long Beach, CA   I have been suffering with this for years!
04/20/2009 Alexandra seattle, wa Hi Karen, thanks for the great work you do on this website! I saw Dr. Piller and he let me know I am allergic to wheat and dairy on top of having candida. This is the 2nd time I am doing the diet and at the end of it, while I have no symptoms besides bloating, I still test positive for candida (Saliva and peanut butter test). Right now I'm on day 37 and my saliva test comes out kind of negative. Right after I spit the saliva becomes stringy but withing 10 minutes it disolves and dissapears. The peanut butter test doesn't always come out positive. I am confused as to how I will really know if I got rid of candida. I am drinking 4-5 cups of garlic tea a day, taking oil of oregano, pau d'arco and acidophilus. I am having a hard time keeping my carb intake low and I still crave sweets though I make my own (I usually eat too many though). Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated...Thanks!
03/19/2009 Kendra Oklahoma   hi. I just want to thank you for your information. It can be so frustrating when you are used to eating whatever you want and then all of sudden you have to change your ways. It is amazing how you do not realize how horrible you are eating until something goes wrong. It makes you check and re-check things that you are putting in your body. Anyways... thank you so much your web page truly is a great help.
03/16/2009 Sarah Vivaldo onterey, CA (formerly Mt. Vernon, WA) I wrote to you a few years back b/c I had the same problem. I drove over to Idaho with a friend to see your naturopath. By using his suggestions coupled with treatments suggested by my local naturopath, I have my situation under control. Flare-ups return but only when I get lazy. I know what I have to do to stay symptom-free. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your website as I continually return here for recipes. Sincerely, Sarah V.
03/15/2009 Ronda Dee Carrrrollton, Texas Thanks for your info. Will read after printing.
03/07/2009 I M Norval South Africa Thanks for the info, will try it.
01/28/2009 Bridget Harkins Annapolis, MD I found out, that I have mercury toxicity from a cracked tooth with a silver filling. This is what started the overgrowth of candida. I am detoxing the mercury and feel so much better! Evidently the body produces yeast to protect you from mercury poisoning! I don't know if you have any silver fillings but get them removed and then get rid of the mercury. There are many causes of candida and I thought mine was the dairy allergy and antibiotic use, but the more I killed the yeast, the sicker I was getting. The mercury attaches to the yeast cell wall and when you kill the yeast, the mercury is released into the body causing flu like die off. Some of the symptoms of mercury toxicity that I was having are:

night sweats
a feeling of vibration under the skin in my legs and feet
flu symptoms with die off
dizziness with die off
tired all the time
pain in the kidney area (85% of mercury is found in kidneys)

I have been trying to rid myself of candida for 1 1/2 years and it wasn't until I began chelating the mercury did I feel like I was getting better.
01/26/2009 Christine K. western WI Hi Karen,
Thank you so much for making me feel that "I am not crazy" I have been suffering for at least 10 years and have gone through infertility. Nobody believs or understands what I have been going through. My Dr. whom I admire, thinks it is all hog wash. I can't afford to go see another Dr. I am currently using the diet and the suppliment recommendations. I have developed severe food allergies (milk,soy and eggs) so my diet will have to be a little tougher. Do you think the presence od mold in your home may effect the out come?
Thank you kindly,
01/25/2009 Diane Coeur D' Alene, Id.   Amazing, all the facts that are here on your page. You are a wealth of information. I did see Dr. Piller have not started the diet but soon will. I am very anxious to get better. Keep up with your great work Diane
01/12/2009 Desirae Virginia Beach, VA / Baltimore, MD Here are some other things that I found helpful...

1. Xylitol – Artificial sweetener like Stevia; has alkalizing effect
2. LOTS of lemons – although they are acidic, they have alkalizing effect on the body: In addition to the candida diet, I also focused on cutting out as many acidic foods as possible.
3. Chorophyll – This did wonders for me. I took it (and still do) in addition to all other supplements: Read second section under “Herbs and Supplements.”
4. Grapefruit Seed Extract – Although it tastes horrible, it is VERY effective. It is a natural antibiotic/antifungal. Not only did it instantly take control of my candida, it also reduced my allergies. My sinuses are clear, I don’t sneeze often, and I no longer experience hay fever:
5. Pau D’ Arco - natural antifungal/antiparasitic
6. Oregano Oil, Garlic, Onions – Natural antifungals to incorporate into diet as often as possible.
7. Earth Balance Organic Buttery Spread is sooooo delicious. It's non-dairy, spreadable, and far cheaper than ghee. Yummy! If you can handle soy, this is a great option to adding flavor!
8. Biotics FC-Cidal Supplement
9. Biotics ADP supplement
10. GET MUSCLE TESTING DONE! In addition to identifying the candida, a kinesiologist can help to identify any secondary conditions, malnutrition, etc. incurred as a result of the candida. They can even identify food allergies by putting the item in your energy field. I would start here first! If you have any questions, I am open to receiving emails.
01/07/2009 Pam Smith Idaho Like many people I went to several doctors and could not get a diagnosis. Thank you for your web site Karen. I would have never found Dr. Piller without it. I firmly believe that you MUST see a doctor in person that can tell you more than what you discover on your own.

In addition to Dr. Piller telling me I had Candida, he also told me of allergies I didn't know about, that I was not digesting protein, and I was not absorbing Calcium.

I do believe that I need this vital information to get better. I saw him on Monday and hope to get better very soon.

If at all possible, please see a doctor. I wouldn't have really believed in the muscle testing if I hadn't seen it for myself.
01/05/2009 Emily Maumelle, Arkansas   Your story has inspired me.
Thank you for writing it down for us all
to read.
I'm very grateful.
I have referred back to your website several times now in my practice. I'm almost ready soon to go all in.
I will credit you when I'm successful.
12/31/2008 Britta Brooklyn, NY   Thank you, so much. Yours is a fantastic, honest website that clarifies what candida is and how it can be treated. I've probably been suffering w/overgrowth for years & not known it. The past two years I've struggled w/fatigue & all kinds of health-related complications. I've ordered the products you recommend & started the diet a few days ago. Looking forward to seeing what happens. Be well & thanks again - your site is invaluable.
12/21/2008 Brook Oklahoma I am 27 and have suffered nearly crippling depression off and on since my late teens. I have been experiencing gas pain and cramping for 8 years, and no MD has ever offered me a firm diagnosis. I have terrible fatigue especially in the mornings, and I recently developed a terrible blistering vaginal infection which stumped my doctor (I was tested for STDs, but all tests were negative). I think it must be due to an overgrowth of yeast.

Through search engine research I have come to the conclusion that I may have been suffering from Candida for as long as half my life. I have lost all faith in doctors, so I plan to try diet and probiotics on my own. I have begun the diet officially today and I will let you know how it goes if you'd like.

It's so good to know that other people have beaten these awful symptoms I've struggled with for so long. Thank you so much for this site! You have given me the gift of hope.

12/17/2008 christina ny I have tried this and The Body Ecology diet before. I seem to get a little better but it does always come back. There is no way possible for me to see Dr. Piller in person and I have gone to "GI" dr's, allergists (for testing to see if I am a celiac or have other allergies to foods). They dont want to hear about candida, and am just being tested on my own to see what the outcome is. Is it possible to have allergies to stuff but all tests show no allergies? My stomache gurgles over anything I eat? I don't know what to do. The closest dr to me that "supposedly" treats candida is Dr. Biamonte. If anyone could get back to me I would appreciate it.
11/21/2008 Fran Yule Western Australia THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
11/18/2008 Joan Anson New Jersey I was beyond hopeless that anyone knew what I was going through or what was wrong with me. Thank God for you
11/07/2008 Laurie Bizzoco Thanks for the diet for candida that sounds doable. I can't wait to start it. I'll write to let you know what's happened.
11/06/2008 Kathy   Temecula, CA Thank you for sharing your story and helping others to find a healthy and happy life.
11/02/2008 Geryl   Guelph, Ontario, Canada Thanks for creating this website. I'm having difficulty changing my lifestyle. Being diabetic, I eat 6 small meals per day and now I am also grains intolerant and have a candida problem. You have many great suggestions and recipes I am going to try. I really couldn't find much else practical advice on this - everyone wants you to buy their book. I'll share with how I make out.
10/08/2008 Bridget Harkins Annapolis MD Hello again,

I am wrtiting to let you know that a negative blood test does not mean the candida is completely gone. I found that when I went back to eating somewhat normally (a banana, soy ice cream) my stomach started gas pains in the evening. I immediately called Dr. Piller who told me I probably have some leftover yeast and to remain on the diet for another week. I have since found the joy of Tofu and eat it at most meals. It is 12g of protein and 0 grams of carbs and tastes like whatever you season it with.

I have complete confidence in Dr. Piller and though I have had a setback, I know it's only for a short while. Also, I have cut out all grains and nut butters. I am basically eating tofu and veggies for every meal. I have also started running every other day to sweat off the toxins and kill any remaining yeast with the oxygen.

warmest regards,
20/07/2008 Steve Grosse Pointe MI I have systemic candida (self diagnosed) after being on antibiotics for almost 1.5 years. My doc says theres not true test. Im on diflucan, acidophills and doing the diet. After 2 weeks i feel 50% better. Im trying to get to the sauna 5 times a week. Would a colonic help speed up the recovery?
10/07/2008 Bettina South Berwick, Maine   Hi Karen,
My name is Bettina and I was recently diagnosed by Dr. Annalee Kitay with
I love your website and am learning alot from it. This is only the 2nd day on the 'diet'(eating healthier) and taking the prescribed pills.
My questions to you are: did you take vitamins while on the Candida diet? And, also,will drinking hot soy drinks counteract the candida?
I very much want to lick this thing so I can feel like myself again. I have had antibiotics in the past 2 years for a virus and used nose sprays against my better judgement. So, I
am now trying to get rid of this persistent post nasal drip and vertigo.
Any suggestions you may have, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for the time that you took in putting your website together. I am sure that you have helped millions of people with this condition, including me.
Take Care & God Bless,
Bettina Laverriere
South Berwick, Maine
10/04/2007 Rebekah Miller RN Ann Arbor, Michigan Was on MEVY diet (meat, eggs, veggies, yogert) diet many years ago. Lost TONS of weight, improved bowel function. Am planning on resuming diet again. Told by Environmental MD who put me on diet in past, that EVERYONE should cleanse with MEVY diet once a year.
09/29/2008 Malcolm Liddell. Mally. Perth Western Australia. Wattleup. Rotten Candida has unknowingly Been haunting my whole depressed, Hypoglycemic life to the point that suicide has seemed like a very inviting cure. Thanks forgiving me hope.
09/22/2008 Bridget Harkins Hi Karen,

I just got my blood test back for candida. I had this same test back in april. 1-10 was the normal range, and I was at 14....almost 50% higher than I should have been. I got my blood test back today and after almost 4 months on Dr. Pillers program, I tested NEGATIVE and my number was less than 3!!!!! I am so happy! I don't plan on running out for sugar anytime soon, but went out got some fruit sweetened soy ice cream and a thing of bananas :) Any pointers/warnings you can give me will be appreciated.

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR WEBSITE! I never would have gotten better without your help and sending me to Dr. Piller (who does God's work).

Thanks again..


Bridget Harkins
08/24/2008 Christian michigan well i'd like to start off by saying that I can't believe your getting nasty emails. since I contacted you and Dr. Pillar things have really changed. Last night I started going through what you had on day 22 and thats about how many days ive been on this diet for. I want to let you know that today I was in the grocery store and I was walking in the ice cream section and my cravings for all these sweets have gone away, I can't believe that I don't want ice cream.

Though i'm "purging" I feel...haha...just awful, really bad lower back pain. I know this is really gross but it looks like the biggest glob of stringy snot. My question is, how long did your purging last and how long after that did you go off the diet? I plan on calling Dr. Pillar on monday about this, but was so excited that I wanted to tell you that the only program that worked for me was the one that Dr. Pillar has and that you were the one that helped me connect with him, Thank you.

08/16/2008 Bridget Harkins Annapolis MD Hi Karen,

As you know, I am 2 1/2 months into the program with Dr. Piller. Things are going well. My symptoms are getting less and less and the die off has really petered out. I took myself down to 20g carbs a day to speed things up. Dr. Piller told me it may take me up to 3 months to get rid of it since I have had it since I was a baby.

I am a medical Aesthetician and refer many of my patients to your website. As a fellow rosacea sufferer, I am finding that those patients with skin rashs and diseases like Rosacea, Eczema and psoriasis also have candida really bad. With concerns about rosacea, there are demodex mites that multiply very quickly because they are feasting on the yeast coming out of the pores. I have also found (through muscle testing), that most with a candida problem also have a dairy allergy (i do). I know that yeast loves milk sugar (lactose), and the allergy causes a lowered immune system. So, it would make sense, that it would help it proliferate. Anyway, I just wanted to mention that. If anyone would like to contact me, feel free to email me and I will help in any way I can.

Bridget Harkins
08/15/2008 Belle Honolulu   Your website has given me so much hope. I know I can do this with your help. You are a godsend and don't let the naysayers discourage you from keeping this site up and running. I've referred it to all my friends and family, and my sister-in-law and cousin have had great success with their candida condition because of you. You put yourself out there, and that's more than the rest of us ever do. Good for you, Karen.
07/26/2008 Ron *
Same person as below
07/01/2008 Bridget Harkins Annapolis, MD   Hi Karen,

I contacted you in Oct of last year when I was horribly sick with systemic candida. I had viscious brain fog, skin rash, vag yeast, mood swings, depression and I thought I was losing my mind. No doctors believed me when I told them I had a yeast problem. I found your site and started the SF722 and the diet. After 40 days, I still wasn't well. Throughout my diet i still had cream in my coffee and melted cheese. I then tried every antifungal out there and to no avail. I decided to book a flight to see Dr. Piller. He discovered I had a dairy allergy which was affecting my immune system. Also, I was very low on vit A, which is an immune booster. Only 3 days after removing dairy and taking the vitamin A, the yeast was gone from my intestines. Because I still muscle tested strong for the SF722, Dr. Piller told me to continue until I tested weak. I also am now testing strong for sugar which tells me the yeast is almost gone. I think the only place left is in my sinuses because I am going through a respiratory detox at the moment. Just wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU for your wonderful site and to let others know, that seeing Dr. Piller in person was the answer for me.

Bridget Harkins
07/01/2008 George Metamora IL   Candida is gone

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your work in setting up your website as a service to people like me. I contacted a staff infection in the hospital and was placed on powerful antibiotics for two months. After several months I was having trouble breathing and would get totally exhausted doing almost nothing. I couldn't lay down without gasping for breath.

I went to my doctor who did nothing for me other than send me to heart, pulmonary and holistic doctors. None of them helped me at all and they all knew that I had been on high dosages of antibotics. My daughter in-law who is a nurse told me to spit into a glass of water the first thing in the morning and if the saliva didn't dispurse within 30 minutes and remained in a glob,that I probably had candida.

I searched the internet and found your website. I went back to my doctor and told him I thought I had candida, to which he told me that was a women's disease and laughed at me. Needless to say I changed doctors at once.

I followed your instructions carefully and to the letter as far as taking SF722 and your diet. In less that two weeks I started to feel much better and by the end of a month, I was back to normal and am still rid of candida for several years. I continue to take acidophilus tablets and eat yogurt.

Thank you again.

06/26/2008 Ron *
Same person as above
    Hi Karen , I see you took my advice and made the e-book. Good for you. Love to see it sometime. Good Luck. Ron
06/19/2008 Helen Cleveland, Ohio   I just read your story in First magazine and I was amazed! You go girl!
Just ordered your ebook and I can't wait to read it as I have had similar complaints for years.
Thanks for going public and sharing your story and recovery.
06/10/2008 Daleen Illinois   Thanks for being so passionate to help others and educate them about candida and give them hope!

In fighting this battle myself, finding that 'anti-fungal' herbs seemed to help, I discovered an extract called Samento. NutraMedix offers it. You will find their website to not be overly informative because of the risk of 'diagnosing medical conditions' with regards to alternative medicine. However, Renewal Enterprises also carries NutraMedix products along with alot of other quality products at discounted prices. The founder of the website fought candida herself and it launched her into studying alternative medicine and becoming a naturopath. Here is an excerpt of her testimony. "During that time and still looking for answers, I met a woman who had experienced similar symptoms and had totally recovered under the care of another Naturopathic Doctor. I was naturally apprehensive, as I had tried so many different therapies over the past four years. Still searching for answers, I decided to meet with him and he did a Live Blood Cell Analysis, which revealed what I already knew, Candidiasis, and a bacteria that is responsible for Lyme disease. I had had previous blood tests that had showed antibodies for Lyme’ s, but there it
was, still active in my bloodstream. No wonder I had felt so ill for so long! I had all the typical neurological symptoms. Later, I would read about how Lyme disease can be in your system for years before you are symptomatic. I also learned that the Candidiasis was probably a secondary infection to the Lyme disease. My immune system had been keeping the parasites, candida, viral and bacterial infections at bay. Once the stress
factors entered the picture, the immune system took a dive and everything “hidden” surfaced. This is what I believe happened to me and happens in most disease processes. You aren’t typically well one day, and sick the
next. Although it may seem like it happens overnight, it is a process." They offer consultations, too. website is: (you can read her entire testimony at this site)

06/06/2008 Anna Sweden  

I'm candida suffer as well, so i wonder about your dessert recipes, you seem to use flower what flower are you using?
05/19/2008 Michele     I agree with the comments you have made about SF722. I am on a 3wk diet from my chiropractor w/4pills per meal along w/ a diet-similar to yours but I am being a little more strict because I want to be sure this doesn't come back. My symptoms were not yeast but rather 2 miscarriages in the last three months, chronic fatigue and chronic headaches for 10 years. I will let you know if the symptoms go away after the diet. So far i feel great after the initial shock to the system after one week. Thanks for sharing your info.
04/12/2008 Melanie Arizona   Thank you for all of your information. This is the hardest journey ever and you have helped it become easier!!
03/19/2008 Eileen Figueroa Louisville, KY USA   A lot of research has gone in to this web site and the information is so informative. Thank you very much. Eileen
01/24/2008 Alice Colorado   My friend has encouraged me to try once again to do the diet to get rid of candida. I have taken diflucan off and on for years and it helps. I have 30 food allergies. They tell me now its cause I am a celiac that I have all these allergies. Honestly, who knows but going to try again. Thanks for your great pages.
06/24/2007 ANN NH   Hi,
I just wanted to let everyone know that after trying everything Karen suggested I was still getting chronic yeast infections. Not because what she suggests doesn't work but because I later found out after some research it was due to my IUD. Since having it removed I have had no relapses! Thank you Karen for your website and all your work in helping those of us that have suffered.
06/23/2007 Joshua Welington   FOrlose weight I tried the diet miscellaneous. My friend has advised me <a href="">ionamin online</a> , has said that possible to lose weight without heavy diets, and side effect, I want to advise , is this faithfully?
05/25/2007 andrea belgium   I have found this site fantastic,thanks so much to Karen ... Also so many people have been so kind and supportive, i love looking up things all the time.
04/29/2007 Tony     Great site, I'm on day seven! I'd like to read about how people have felt during the 30 days. I'm feeling a bit more clear headed, but today I'm pretty achy. I know everyone is different but I'm wondering about how long it normally takes to feel a difference.
04/18/2007 Sherrie Cabana     Karen, thanks for this site. I have learned so much. I am just beginning my fight against Candida, but you give me hope that it will be completely gone SOON.
02/24/2006 Claire     You really have answered all my questions well beyond my expectations and given me all the information I need to go forward now - INFORMED. However, because you've shared your experience with me I now go forward armed with far more knowledge than I could ever have hoped for, and I can apply it to my situation and avoid much of the horrible experience you have had with this! I am eternally thankful!
11/16/2005 chad ID anyone suffer from pretty bad die off symptoms? i didn't know what to expect but for the last few days i have had realy bad anxiety and feel like crap. just nervous and anxious all over. this normal?
06/20/2005 Flora     Hi Karen!
Love your website.Do you have a cook book Ican buy from you?
04/20/2005 dottie daniels   your website is really good! I loved your dresses and photos of your yard. Thank you for sharing - beautiful.
03/15/2005 Kirstin Side Edmonton, Alberta Thanks for the egg-free, milk-free cookie recipe. I've been looking for one for a long time. I'll bake it and see what happens!
02/16/2005 Catherine Cheshire, England I have only just discovered this website, better late than never! As I've been suffering for more than 20 years you can imagine the relief I am feeling at the thought of possibly curing this living nightmare for once & for all.
I have ordered a months supply of SF722 today and some acidophilus, I will keep you posted.
I would welcome any emails from fellow candida sufferers or recovered sufferers. So please email me with your experiences. I did email a few people last night via the guestbook but I'm not sure where the responses will be. So if anyone recognises my name please email me back on my own email address above please. Or if anyone can advise me of how to retrieve my email responses please let me know.

Also more than anything I would like to thank Karen so much for creating & maintaining this website. I have a feeling you are going to be my lifesaver! Thank you for sharing your findings with the world.
I hope to be in touch again soon with some very good news of my progress.
Until then, bye for now.

Catherine x
01/31/2005 Roger Birkholz   found link on
when looking up yeast infections
01/31/2005 Fran Grooms   Hi, Karen. I have read your entire website and you have inspired me to do something about my candida problem. Thank you for creating this website. Fran
12/20/2004 Jan Dixon Spokane, Wa. Thanks so much for your very wonderful and informative website on how to get rid of the pesky candida problem! It was great!!!
07/16/2004 Keith   Calgary, AB Re: Thorne Formula SF-722 in Alberta

"The Dispensery" in Red Deer will order it in and charges a reasonable price. Their phone # is 403-341-6955

The store in Vancouver that carries it is called "Finlandia" at 604-733-5323. However, if out of stock, they will not special order just one unit. You must wait till they place their regular Thorne order.
06/18/2004 Gidget     Hello Karen, last time I was here I sent you an email so this time I thought I'd sign the guestbook (should have done it last time). I find your site remarkably informative! You have done a wonderful job of sharing yourself and your recovery on your web site. I also loved the recipes, finding them and sharing them was a big job, I know because I too search for links, and I think I printed out your entire site...time for an inkjet...kidding aside, this is a super site and I thank you for all the work you put into it. Be blessed.
05/24/2004 Gidget     Superb, informative, easy to navigate site!!! I've been mining here all morning and still finding tons of golden nuggets!!! I've sent this to both my groups, family, friends anyone else in my guestbook...thank you for sharing all this information with us!!!
05/18/2004 theresa   this is a wonderful site- recovery from illness, dancing, leading a happy life.
kudos, karen!
04/26/2004 Betty     Just want to say thanks for your site..I have just started a "parasite cleanse" using supplements from a naturapathic Dr. which also rid the body of candida..I'm following the candida diet also..feel great. Thanks for your info and recipes..God bless.
04/23/2004 Sharon Willoughby Coeur d'Alene, ID Hi Karen-
My name is Sharon and I just finished reading your website. I just wanted to tell you my story. I too have suffered for about 11 years. I have been misdiagnosed for most of those years. I was told I had IBS. I had a hysterectory, several scopes, and had scar tissue removed from my ovaries, not to mention all the treatments I went through for endometriosis. I had my gall-bladder removed, and I've had 3 colonoscopies that came back fine, not to mention every test known to mankind. I live in Coeur d'Alene and decided that I would contact Dr. Pillar's office. I saw him on Tuesday and I can't believe how much better I feel is just 3 days! I am also allergic to wheat and dairy so I have to plan my meals very carefully. I had never been to a naturpath before so of course I was cautiously optimistic. I did some research online to see if what he said was true and have discovered that he really knows his stuff. I am now a believer and I am optimistic that I will be getting my life back soon. (I've been sick 11 of the 12 years I've been married). Thank you for your wonderful story and words of encouragement! Stay healthy! :)
04/04/2004 Becky Harlow     Thank you for your motivational website and for giving all candida sufferers hope that life can get better. I was pretty down today when I found your website, and now I feel like maybe there is a way to turn my health around! Thanks again. Keep up the good work!!!
03/29/2004 Catherine Kelly     > Hey Karen,
> I just happened by your website and would like to commend you on it, and
> your mission to share your recovery with others.
> I myself do not suffer from yeast infections (I'm a yogurt lover!) but I
> think it's great when someone takes the time and effort to help others.
> No need to respond to me, just some positive feedback!
> Take care,
> Catherine Kelly
> Ireland
02/05/2004 Jessica Sorrento   I have ben struggling with candida since I can remember, and I just started on Dr. Piller's treatment 6 days ago (and counting!) I would really like it if anyone who has recovered from this could e-mail me because I NEED ENCOURAGMENT so badly - I am 22 years old and it's hard for me to stay positive after trying so many diffferent treatments that have not worked. ANY ENCOURAGING WORDS would be most appreciated! Thanks!

01/31/2004 steven california   Karen you are a wonderful person with a heart of gold...
We need more people like you on the planet.
Love to you Karen.
01/19/2004 Jeff Green San Marcos Texas Dear Karen,

I have suffered with pain in my back, shoulders, neck since childhood. After exhausting all my resources and seeking help from numerous doctors, no diagnosis could ever be reached. They checked me for Fibro, MS, Rheumatism, Lupus, Arthritis, and many others. I had told my son that if some form of a breakthrough had not surfaced before the New Year that I was not going to see my 41 birthday in June. I simply could not continue to fight this mysterious menace that was stealing my life away. It was sad that it had come to that type of end.

We recently got the internet and I started searching for Fibromyalgia. Then I read your website. I have never talked to anyone that can sympathize with my condition. It felt so good finally connecting with someone who has an answer, instead of a Doctor looking at me in disbelief. Many of the habits that I had were feeding the parasite.

I have been almost bed ridden for the last year, living with my uncle. Therefore, I cannot afford to buy the treatments yet, but at least I have some hope that this is not a death sentence. I am doing what I can to change my diet, and already feel somewhat better. I have looked at your program and it is less complicated and costly than others

I am sure that I have Candida in my shoulders, neck and spine muscles.

May God bless you and please understand that you and your web-site has made (saved) the difference in one life.

Thank you so much for giving HOPE.

Jeff Green
P.O. Box 944
Kyle Texas
11/27/2003 Ted switzer Castlegar Wow, your site is outstanding and I enjoyed visiting it. I can see that you enjoy life to the fullest and give youre community, friends and the world a sense of pride for having you.
A Merry Christmas and All the best in the New Year.
11/19/2003 Roger Sanders   Very interesting. What a busy life you lead!
11/15/2003 Jenni Amanda South Africa   Wow Karen, so talented, I have seen other pics of your stuff and never realised you have done so much. Stunning work, I wish I had a UniKaren original.
08/08/2003 Linda Tisdale Calgary, Alberta, Canada I found Karen's site on the web 3 1/2 years ago, read every word, contacted her by email then decided to go to Dr. Piller in Coeur d'Alene myself. It changed my life !!!!! I have never been as healthy as I am now at the age of 44. I live a very active lifestyle: work out almost every day, hike in our beautiful Rocky Mtns every weekend the weather, bears & fires allow, walk almost everywhere, fly fish, camp, etc. I am candida free, rarely every get sick even when all around me are dropping like flies, and I eat WHATEVER I want, just everything in moderation including sugar, chocolate, etc. I do observe a rather high protien, low carb diet but I definately eat carbs (20% of diet maybe).
If you are a candida "sufferer", suffer no more - do something about it !!

This program saved my life as well as Karen's, I'm sure.


Linda Tisdale, Calgary, AB Canada
07/29/2003 Sherry Elbs KC MO I would like to speak with others who
are recovering from candida. Please email me.
07/09/2003 Maryanne Williams Queensland, Australia Hi sweet girl, what a WONDERFUL LIFE. Eat, drink, dance and be merry!

Really love your web set up and the attention given to the people you love.

Maryanne Williams
05/01/2003 Kate S.     I followed the protocol of Karens Dr. while seeing my own Holistic Dr. It took 47 days, but yesterday I tested free of candida :O). I tried not to bother Karen too much, toward the end I emailed more frequently. I eliminated the yeast a little differently, but it is gone!! Find a Dr that can help you, everyone is a little different. Thank You Karen! and good luck all!
04/09/2003 Kristine Wetzel Vancouver B.C. Canada Great site! I did a search for Candida recipes and this came up. I have been suffering with Candida for a while now, happened first when I was 16 years old, it is coming back now. I am nipping it in the bud before it gets worse. I am planning on trying a few of the recipes, especially the wheat free...I have tried them all (always looking for new ideas!) This is one of the best sites I have come across for Candida...keep up the good work!

Wishing you all Health, Wealth and Happiness!

:) Kristine
03/12/2003 Eva Sweden SInce I've been reading your pages thoroughly, and enjoyed them immensly, I just had to write a few lines to thank you for the wonderful job you've done on your site. It's personal and informative :)

I realised Candida was my enemy just 2 weeks ago (though I've known about it for 4 years, just never associated it with myself).. I've been constantly tired and my immune system has been almost non-existent and lots and lots of other symptoms.. Immediatly changed my diet, and felt better after just a few days.

Whats sad is that there aren't that many good Candida sites in Swedish, so I'm thinking about making one myself..*S* Another bad thing about Sweden, is Stevia isn't sold here... I thought about ordering from the US, but it would cost even more in shipping, than I would pay for the actual product..*pout* How can they forbid things like that.. shouldn't we all be free to choose what we want to put in our mouth and in our bodies? *wonders*
Anyway, thanks again! :)
03/02/2003 George     You have a wonderful informative web site. Thank you so much for taking the time to post the information.
02/18/2003 Mandy Everitt Cape Town, South Africa I am awaiting my first bottle of SF722 and am looking forward to starting the programme, will keep you posted here in Sunny South africa. Many thanks for a wonderful site Karen
02/02/2003 Betty Walters Central Indiana I was referred to your site by my sister - in law. She came across it in some info I sent her on Fibromialgia which I am blessed with.
It fits my situation to a tee and gives me hope of feeling better.
Thanks so much for your site.
01/20/2003 michael roberts united kingdom Please see my entry on 17 June 2000. Karen kindly agreed to my posting my alternative found cure for Candida. Candida is awful and I am 100% cured.
01/11/2003 Rusty Glen Rock, NJ   Karen,
I have been investigating Candida because of my frustration with my general health, and found your Candida web page. It has proved a wonderful resource for me. Thank you. (I start the program as soon as my SF722 arrives--wish me luck.)

Thanks again.
Rusty (Carol) Ball
01/01/2003 Trina Louisville, Kentucky Thank you for your indepth website on the ins and outs of candida and how to get started on the road to recovery. I have also gone to your recommended site of Body Ecology. I took the candida test there and scored over three hundred! I want my husband to also take the test...I have a feeling is worse of than I am. We shall see.
Again...thanks so much for your testimony, information, and encouragement. Pray for me as I start this new journey towards eradication of candida in my life.
12/15/2002 Kay Knull San Antonio Texas Your page came up using Google when I was searching for information on Candida with regard to Lichen Schlerosis (for me) and Fibromyalgia (for my daughter). Congratulations on your recovery and thanks so much for the information and resources.
08/30/2002 Michelle   Laurel, MD A fellow chronic systemic candida sufferer. Isn't the web great?!!!!
08/22/2002 Gay Morris   Wow, have been out of square and round dancing for 15 years and wanted to see what is happening.....going to do lessons once again in the fall...:-)
You have been given an awesome talent from God, thanks for sharing...God bless.
07/25/2002 Carrie Beals   Dear Karen,
I just wanted to thank you for posting your story. It is how I found Dr. Piller who helped me with Panic / Anxiety I was suffering from after the birth of my 4th baby. My mom had suspected candida because of the symptoms and because she had been afflicted with it. I didn't have candida, but was diagnosed hypoglycemic and put on a 30 day diet with supplements. I am feeling way better now and I probably wouldn't have called Dr. Piller if I hadn't found your story on the internet. Thanks for your efforts to help others.
Carrie Beals
06/11/2002 Lisa Ontario, Canada Thanks for giving me hope Karen, as well as a few hours of great reading and learning. Wonderful site, keep up the good work, and congrats on your accomplishments.
06/10/2002 michelle vancouver, bc well, I've been on the formula SF-722 for just over 2 weeks now, and I've been feeling better & better everyday! I've always had food sensitivities and digestive problems, and my stomach is flatter & feeling better now than it has in years!! I'm only half way thru the diet time period of 30 days, and I can't wait to see what other improvements I feel before it's done! Yes, it's tough to cut sugar out of your diet, but after two weeks, I don't even blink at chocolate! I refuse to feed the candida any longer!!!! I can't thank Karen enough for her thorough & knowledgeable website regarding candida - if I hadn't found her, I'd still be suffering! So thank you Karen!
(I will update again when I am done the 30 days.)
05/31/2002 Jami Hammond Mead, Colorado Found this site after extensive searching for candida information. Best I've seen so far
05/24/2002 Jackie Madeley   thanks karen I am awaiting the medication then i will start the diet. Anyone who thinks youre a fake has obviously never experienced the horrors of candida Please God this works for me thanks karen
05/10/2002 Norma   San Diego CA Thank you for all the invaluable information presented on your website. A friend suggested that I do some research on candida. I have been suffering and didn't know why. I was near tears while reading through your site. Thank you, thank you.
04/02/2002 Heather Bonas   March 30/02


Thought I would send you the good news! - This is the first month in over 2 yrs that I haven't suffered from a yeast infection!

I've made some significant changes in my lifestyle though:

Went off the birth control pill
Stopped drinking alcohol
Followed your pill program
Added some medication of my own
Lost my job (very stressful, glad I'm out)
Got engaged
Changed my diet

Not sure what has contributed to my success (so far anyway) but I'm sure it's a combination of everything.

Thnx again for your support - I'll keep you posted.

03/20/2002 Kara S    3/16/02

Just wanted to thank you for the information that you gave me when I mailed you in September....We went to see Dr. Piller and we went on the diet right away.
By the end of the 1st week mom was coming back to me...all the mental wierdness was going away... She is doing awesome now...Completely fine now! :)
Also went from 180 lbs to 145.....She is so happy! If it wasn't for your web site, I would have never found her help....Thank you so very, very much....
I hope all is well with you and yours! Oh , you might not remember who I am since you probaly get a lot of letters... Remember I got the Canadian boyfriend!
Take care and give your self a big are an angel!
Thank You,
03/19/2002 Michelle Beal WV Hello, Well, I am now Yeast(candida) free and I feel so wonderful! I did change the diet some to fit the Suzanne Somers diet but that is the only thing I changed and I did not have to do very much changing. Thank you for posting on your web site all of the things you have done to get rid of this nasty thing! Your information was so helpful and I am now telling everyone I can about it. My hope is that one day Doctors will see that this is real and people need help but it is probably a dream! Thanks again!
02/22/2002 Phyllis Epperson   Very informative,Thanks for sharing!
12/18/2001 Michelle Beal USA Parkersburg, WV I am so glad you made this site! I have been suffering with Candida for such a long time and have been trying everything I can to get rid of it. I am a homemaker with my husband working and I homeschool my 4 children. Thus we have very little money to go to Doctors and all the meds/herbs that go with "curing" this problem (some can be $400 and we just cant spend that much). I am on a low carb diet and that seems to help but I have been using SPLENDA! I did not know that I would have bad reactions. I have just come down with another yeast infection (frustrated) when I thought the web might have some answers that the doctors seen not to have. That is when I found your site and the information that the sweetener I had thought was safe was not and that is why I had come down with the yeast infection. I am going to try the other things you have done (I hope it works for me) and I am going to cross my fingers. Thank you again for spreading the information you have! Michelle Beal
11/19/2001 Debbie Zeringue   Thanks so much, new to this program with Dr Vickery and linked to you and appreciate all of your info. You look great in the pictures. I'm glad you are well and pray to join you. God Bless, Debbie
11/09/2001 Donna LaCroix   just wanted to thank you for the wealth of information you give to everybody regarding your ordeal with candidisis. You are truely an inspiration!
10/24/2001 Sarah London, England Hi Karen,

I just wanted to say a big thank you. I'm on day 38 of the diet now and feeling so much better. I've suffered from yeast infections for years after a bout of glandular fever and various things which involved cortison treatment. Add the pill in to that and had a nice breeding ground for candida.

I've lost loads of weight and the yeast seems to have gone away - I've got an appointment with my naturopath on Saturday to confirm this, so fingers crossed.

Have you heard of people who have been cured without the die off?

I know you might not have the answer, but just thought I'd ask. I can't bear the thought of going back to that uncomfortableness all the time.

Anyway, thank you so much for investing your time and energy in this website. It has been inspiring (and the first time I have ever stuck to a diet for longer than a week!)

10/06/2001 Denise   Wyoming I really enjoyed the information you shared. I am going to share this with my doctor & go from there. Thanks!
10/05/2001 Linda Metevia Tennessee Thank you for your informational web site Karen. I am on my 3rd week using the SF722 and have noticed some subtle changes. Decreased cravings, more energy after eating meals. It seems like it's making it easier for me to stick to a good diet, so far. Some advice to others who are ordering the SF722...I got mine from Kombucha Power Products. The salesman, John Novar advised me to take Liverite with it to protect my liver during the cleansing. So I purchased some from him. I later found out that you can buy it directly from a Liverite distributor for less than half of what he charges and no shipping fee.
So be sure and shop around for the best prices. It just amazes me that people out there will capitalize on another persons misfortune - that being our Candida.
10/03/2001 DeAwna Echols Atlanta Georgia Hi Karen,

I wrote to you back in July. I just wanted to tell you that I got rid of Candida, bad breath and body odor!! I ended up taking a lot more than the SF-722, but the SF-722 was WONDERFUL! It gave me a lot of energy and cleared up my sinuses!

I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am that you had your website. I am sure that I would still be suffering if I had not found your site because it made me change how I was treating the problem. May God bless you many times over!


DeAwna Echols
09/27/2001 Angeline Chia   Tho I have not started any treatment yet, your website has offered hope for what i thought was an incurable and undectable disease. I hope to have a 2nd life, just like Karen Tripp.
09/26/2001 Fran Sindoni   After years of complaining to doctors and homeopaths about my skin problems and weight gain, someone finally suggestion candida may be the problem and I found this site by accident. I had been surfing for information on candida for months before I found it.

Desparate for answers, I emailed Karen who responded almost immediately with suggestions and encouragment.

I live in Clearwater, FL and Dr. Monk from St. Petersburg, FL had posted info on Karen's site stating that he follows the same protocol as her doctor in Utah. I was reluctant but I made an appointment with him on 9/4/01.

I just got back from my 3 week followup and I'M CANDIDA FREE!!!!!

I can't tell you how thrilled I am. He still has some work to do with my liver and gallbladder but he said I can eat practically anything (short of cinnamon buns) and gave me a powder supplement program to take for 3 more weeks. He feels confident that it will clear up the gallstones completely and I'll be back to normal. And I believe him!

I still plan to omit sugar and white flour from my diet and eat whole foods but the mere pleasure of putting mustard sauce on my fish tonight was incredible. And I can't wait to eat fruit tomorrow morning!

I can't thank Karen enough for posting this information on the web and responding to my email with her encouraging words. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

09/23/2001 Linda Osborne Anchorage, AK I found your website from a referral on Thank you for your testimonial and info. I started the SF-722 yesterday.
09/20/2001 Janice Middle Tennessee, USA Thank you for your site! This is information that is vital to so many people.
09/18/2001 Ellen Serota Babylon, NY Having lived w/candida for 10 years, with no real help from various doctors, I was psyched to come across your testimony. I have ordered the SF722 and plan to start the diet! God bless you! Thank you for your willingness and courage to put yourself out there for others! Ellen Serota
09/10/2001 Vanessa Northampton - England I noticed all the comments on the site and wondered if anyone has any comments about cooking for candida. I got thrown in at the deep end a few years ago and failed miserably to get rid of the candida because I had no food left to eat once the cupboard was empty of "forbidden foods." I have since kicked the candida with the help of a fantastic intuitionalist called Dawn Mellor.

Although trained as a chef, I struggled for a long time to get the foods I could and couldn't eat into order and into my day-to-day life. So I was thinking about putting something back and helping others to beat this too. Any comments would be appreciated... it may lead to me making some changes ...I have a very good career…. and my husband is understanding about working at the weekend… - so I was thing about doing a one off class once a month for a short time - do you think I will get any attendees?

Vanessa Kimbell BA(Hons)
09/08/2001 Pam Glicker Cleveland, Ohio I found this web site listed on a message board on AOL. I am at the beginning of my journey to wellness. Having just returned from vacation, I am ready to begin preparing myself and my kitchen for what I hope will be 30 days to better health! I have appreciated all of the support that Karen has supplied me with prior to going out of town...and I look forward to continued help as I need it. Thank you.
09/07/2001 Karen Miller   Dear Karen, I took my son to Dr. Piller as you suggested. He gave my son
sone Detxosose for his Candida, (he was unable/unwilling to try the SF722
caps)...anyway, my son is doing much better. He sticks to his limited diet
very strictly. He's so great about it -he's only 7! I hope you don't mind
if I e-mail you a picture of my son (kids) so you can see how handsome he
looks now that his eczema has cleared up so much. We haven't taken a group
picture in so long because of his eczema so this is a special time for us.
He has improved dramatically and I hope this continues. He will be home
schooled again this year to catch him up from last year. We have a special
tutor. Hopefully the 'brain fog' that accompanies Candida will be a thing of
the past as we try to get him on the road to reading.

I truly praise God for his great mercy and for leading me to you. Thank you
for caring enough to make such a tremendous effort to reach so many with your
great advice.

Sincerely, Karen and Jordan in Spokane
08/29/2001 Mary Ellen Nemchek   Just had to let you know that this morning as I soaked in the bath with epsom salts and baking soda the next thing I knew the tub was filled with white shiny slim just as you explained! I am so excited that this program is really working I want to thank you and the doctor from the bottom of my heart. Your willingness to share has saved my sanity and possible my life.
Mary Ellen Nemchek
----- Original
08/10/2001 Samantha Harvey Bristol, England I think I have suffered from candida for about 13 years, but only heard about it 2 years ago. I have tried the usual diets (very restricting for a vegetarian, so impossible to stick to) and had colonic irrigation, etc, etc. Found your brilliant web site by accident and am really excited. Health Interlink in England were very quick, ordered SF722 on Thursday afternoon, arrived Friday morning and am very hopeful it will work. I have only taken 2 lots so far, but will write with an update when I'm nearer the end of the 30/40 days. I have one question, does anybody know if I can eat Quorn on this diet? It is mushroom in origin so I'm guessing I can only eat it hot.
Thank you Karen.
07/30/2001 Siobhan McLoughlin Cork, Ireland I suffered from contsant yeast infections for over two years. Thanks to Karen and this website I have managed to kick this thing and in just six weeks ! I followed the diet strictly and also took Formula SF-722 religiously. It has been 10 months now since my last yeast infection and since finishing the diet I have been eating and drinking whatever I like and have had no sign of a reoccurrence. I hope that my success will encourage others to try this diet and stick to it, it can completely change your life and the results are worth every biscuit you don't eat or glass of beer you don't drink due to the diet ! Thank you Karen for creating this website, without it I believe that I would still be suffering and spending incredible amounts of money going to doctors who just don't know how to help me ! Thank you !
07/18/2001 Lois Parrish   West Coast - Oregon Karen, I found you when I typed in "Candida" to see what I could find. I read your intro and clicked your website. I referred you to a friend who has suffered with fiber myalgia for years and she too was excited about the info. This is the 2nd or 3rd time I went back to the info and I've saved you in my favorites.

I was listening to a national call in health seminar and a health practitioner - holistic - said that if we take 1 tbsp of cream of tarter morning and nite for 10 days it will get rid of candida. Well I've been doing it and find I have a LOT of diahrea and a low grade fever. Still have a lot of burning in the vaginal area. I have been applying fresh natural yougart to stop the burning! The yougart works.

On the lighter side.... I have found another product to work with Stevia called "Sweet One" and they work together quite well. Sweet One can be purched in packets at health food store, or can be purchased in bulk on the Internet... just look up "Sweet One" and it has no bitter aftertaste and is very safe for diabetics, etc. Equal has major side effects that can cause irreversible nerve damage. Can send you more info on it if you'd's the aspertame that's the problem..

Also, I use gwar gum as an instant thickener -- in very small quantities. Instead of using corn starch to thicken I use arrowroot in the same proportion as cornstarch. It doesn't leave a pasty taste. Gwar gum and arrowroot are available in health food stores.

I love your site and will use many of the recipes. I think I've had problems off and on with candida for about 40 years. So, I'm looking forward to some permanent relief! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU FOR THE TIME AND ENERGY YOU PUT INTO MAKING THIS COMPLETE AND INFORMATIVE WEBB SITE. I WILL BE SHARING WITH OTHERS... NO QUESTION.

Have a blessed day! I couldn't sleep so have been looking at your website since 2:45 and it's now about 4:30 by my watch so will see if I can get a couple more winks before I start another work day. YOU HAVE GIVEN ME A LOT OF HOPE.... SURE DO LIKE THE SF-722 PILL. Can't wiat to start using it. NYSTATIN JUST DOENS'T WORK AND THE COST OF SF-722 IS AFFORDABLE.



P.S. I didn't see a photo of you or your family anywhere.... I checked out everything? Did I miss it?
07/13/2001 Cheryl Brown    I've been following the diet since Sun. and just got my supplements from Thorne Industries yesterday. I can really tell a difference...I could almost immediately, certainly within a day or two. I had also lost 3 pounds by Wednesday morning. Thanks again for taking the time to put your story on the web!

Cheryl Brown
06/20/2001 Lisa Turner Long Island New York I pray for hope in this battle with candida. This site has given me that.
06/18/2001 Jane    I am writing from New Zealand to thank
you(like so many others) for your website. From your website I learned about the SF-722 pills and sourced them from the Australian contact you have listed there.
After four years of thrush infections and skin problems originating from
antibiotics which got worse and worse no matter what I was prescribed by
my doctor, I had successfully got rid of candida last year using another
doctor who was also a homeopath and a change in diet. However then I had not done any research on causes of candida nor understood how damaging sugar was.
Once I was fine I reverted back to old eating habits (too much fruit and
carbohydrates and SUGAR!) and the candida seemed to come back a couple of
months ago(but not as badly as before).
That was when I started looking on the net and found your website. So for the last six weeks I have followed the strict diet and have taken the
SF-722 tablets. Today I visited the homeopath who has pronounced me candida free!
I have found your website to be a source of inspiration for me,
particularly in the first two weeks while I was waiting for the pills to arrive from Australia. I have logged onto it many times, and really appreciate the effort that you have gone to tell others about your story. It never ceases to amaze me how supposedly intelligent people can
tolerate so much ill-health (as well as lack of knowledge from the medical profession) and continue to put crap into their bodies (you are what you eat) for so many years, yet there is a simple solution. So keep up the
good work and a heartfelt THANK YOU!
06/14/2001 Diana Zozulow disyn@aolcom Palatine, IL Thank you so very much for sharing your story to help those of us who have been searching for help and still not getting healed. I have already passed your information onto others.
06/04/2001 Cindy Hawk   I really appreciate the hard work that has been done to help myself and others

Thank You & God Bless
05/15/2001 brenda cannon seattle washington i have done alot of research on candida but this website has been a tremendous help. you have done a really good thing here. its a place where people like myself can really relate. thankyou!!!!
05/13/2001 Lynn   Connecticut Any additional information that you feel might be helpful to me can be sent to my email address.
04/12/2001 Shelly Whiteley Australia I can understand you wanting to tell the world of your recovery - and it takes a great heart to help others as you are doing. I couldn't believe some nerd asked if it was a hoax - in FAQ. Good on you Karen - you've given me hope!
04/07/2001 Elona   Pa. Thanks for all the candida info. Had my suspicions but think we have something here! Best of luck and keep up the good work!
04/06/2001 kay leitzke  
Hi Karen...Thanks so much for your info on candida. I felt so alone until I read your story. I about have yeast infection licked. keep your site going. Itis a Godsend.
03/28/2001 Shyrl   Mesa, Arizona Karen;
I just had to write and thank you for your website. I am now in the process of researching and getting ready to beat candida~ thanks for making the information available that will save my life! There are two reasons I wanted to try this program 1)You make no profit from sharing your story. 2) You were from Canada. *I know...what does that have to do with it?* I am a transplanted Canadian from Toronto. Something about being away from home makes it and all the people all the more special. I am so looking forward to getting well and maybe someday you will see my story added as another testiment that you can recover from candida. Thanks again!
03/04/2001 Ginny   Someone posted your site on a bulletin board. I am very impressed with the information you have given. How wonderful of you to take the time to help others with a problem that I KNOW is terrible to live with! My hats off to you and I will bookmark this site for others I talk to about this problem!!! Job well done!
02/26/2001 diana kile-vaillant   This is great -- I have sufferd with fm/cfs for years. I'm going to start the program and diet today. I pray this will be the answer to all my prayers and the prayers of the many who are struggling with these diseases (syndrome). God bless everyone - D
02/23/2001 Deborah Arana Daytona Beach, Florida I've been following the diet etc since December 28, 2000. The results have been incredible. I have had candida for more than 10 years and now the change has been incredible. I've lost 14 pounds and feel great. My mind is clear and I'm thinking much clearly. I'm holding down a full time job and very active in my church. Before I couldn't handle very much and was always stressed or depressed. I wanted to thank Karen for having this web site. I'm still continuing with the diet but can tell that I'm really close to getting the Candida under control. My face is cleared up and the redness by my nose is almost gone. I'm working with a chiropracter to get rid of the soreness in my back and it is working. I could go on and on. It's worth the time to follow the diet and follow the guidelines that Karen has put in her website. I feel like I have a new me and wanted to say "Thanks Karen".
02/22/2001 Elisabeth Braun
Leeds, UK Recovery from Candida
Personal help and encouragement via e-mail about symptoms, diet and anti-fungals etc.
Feel free to contact me!=)
No charges, of course!
02/16/2001 Linda G.   I just wanted to thank you so much for taking the time to build your
website. There is so much information there, I have spent hours reading
it. I have the fungal form, that I have been battling with for over a
year. I just ordered the SF722 to add to my regime. It is just amazing
to me that the medical profession can put our health in such jeopardy. I
am so grateful that we have an herbalist and iridologist in our area, he
is the one that told me that I definitely had the fungal form of
candida. Once again, thank you so much for your site.
01/15/2001 Helen T. Calgary, Alberta I want to thank the following wonderful people that have helped me: Karen Tripp,
Lynn E., Linda Tisdale, Sue Johnston, Chris Anderson, Elisabeth R Braun and Bonnie. Today is the fourth day that I have been using Formula SF 722 and I know it's working. Best of Health to everyone!
01/12/2001 Carole Steffen Oshawa,Ontario I have written to you before and am most greatful for you caring so much about helping others. I finally got the parathyroid from Dr. Piller as I couldn't find it anywhere near my home area. I'm not sure what dosage to take as it says nothing on the bottle and if you have told us on your screen, I have missed it and I apologize. Please send me what dosage you took. Thank you and God bless you. Love, Carole
12/27/2000 Deborah Arana Daytona Beach, Florida I've been following the treatment plan as well as the diet. I had a sore muscle in right arm for more than six months. Last week it popped back in place by itself. Exciting. Cravings are going away, face has cleared up; no more redness in t-zone, no more foggy brain, better memory than ever, etc. Sometimes I have a bad day but I know that my body is getting rid of the bad stuff. Thank you Karen for having this website. It's working for me.

12/17/2000 Charmaine Hanley   Loved your site! I'm in the midst of trying to solve my stomache have given me alot of information... Thank-you! Char. Hanley
11/27/2000 Eric   After over 8 years of chronic pain (burning in the throat and irratible bowel); I stumbled across your site. Described by doctors as "uncurable" and largely "functional", I began closely following your diet and taking SF722. It has been six months and I feel GREAT! Along with dropping over 20 pounds, I am off all stomach medications and antiacids for the first time in nearly a decade. Many, many THANK-YOUs can not begin to describe your impact; as your message very much changed my life.
11/26/2000 Jetta Lee Moyer Northampton, Pennsylvania USA Hi,
It is midnight here, my time to surfe the net..I was looking for help for yeast infection...thrush....
When I called my husband to look at the view from your house he said I should get your address so we could come to visit you. (just a joke)
How great of you to share like this.
May the Blessings of God continue to be with you.
11/20/2000 Brenda Tn Wonderful webpage... Very informative and helpful, best one of candida I have found......
Thanks for the great job.....Bren
11/01/2000 Christine Anderson Austin, Texas I wanted to post an additional message regarding the wonderful doctors and their program that has cured so many people. I went to Dr. Blinzler's (who practices with Dr. Piller) web site and purchased his detailed book for $5.00. I followed it to the letter! He recommends 300 mcgs. of biotin and other products such as garlic with allercin. I followed the instructions and used the SF722 for 6 weeks! JUST SIX WEEKS! I did have die off but it came and went, each time getting less and less until by the fourth week, I knew I would get well. Actually, I knew by day 10 when I began to really have some energy. I called and emailed Dr. Blinzler a number of times and each time I spoke to him he was extremely helpful and kind. I can only say that after seven years, this program was the MIRACLE I had been seeking. I want to wish Dr. Blinzler and Dr. Piller continued success in their treatment of this dreadful illness and their very special devotion to their patients. They have restored me to incredible health and I can never thank them enough!
10/31/2000 Dr. Annalee Kitay
  Karen is doing wonderful work by sharing her information with all of you. I have been using Thorne's SF722 for years with Patients. Please log on to my website: for further information.
10/26/2000 Rema Ramsey Hubert,North Carolina I have been going over and over your Candida page. Thanks so much. I had been serching desperately on line to find a doctor just in my state. Haven't found one but your site was an inspiration. Thanks a lot. I'll be checking back soon. Rema Ramsey
10/24/2000 Christine C. Anderson Austin, Texas Karen,
I just visited a Chiropractor who uses kinesiology and chinese medicine. I am finally free of the nasty candida!!! I wanted to thank you for your devotion to telling people how to go about getting rid of this stuff. It has been over seven years and I am well again. My doctor also found some additional health concerns but nothing that cannot be remedied. He balanced me as Dr. Pillar did for you.

I feel that the NAET treatments (my new doctor is also a NAET practitioner) helped get me through the worst of it as well. All my allergies were eliminated so I did not have to deal with serious sinus symptoms. I still have a slight sinus infection but after I was balanced, it seemed to lessen quite a bit. Amazing!

Again, thank you for your wonderful website! You are incredibly special and I will never forget what you have helped me accomplish. (Also the very wonderful Dr. Blinzler who practices with Dr. Piller, as he emailed me numerous times to answer my questions.)If you are EVER in Austin, Texas, I would love to meet you.

Warmest regards,
Chris Anderson
Austin, Texas

10/19/2000 Donna Krier Hartford, SD I found out on Sept 1, 2000 that I had a Candida build up in my system. I had no idea why, for the past 20 years, I was tired all the time, always had to fight bladder infections and yeast infections, felt run down, had trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep...the list goes on and on! I started a colon detox program that included Candida control herbs and diet. It is now Oct 18, 2000 and I feel better, I sleep all night after falling asleep immediately and I've lost 20 pounds. Why didn't I find out about this 20 years ago!!! Thanks for creating this web site! I have found so much excellent information here and have shared it with others who have been fighting some of the same symptoms as me. I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of the human race had a Candida problem of some kind!
10/13/2000 Lynn Eberle Bishop, CA I started using the Formula SF722 and ProBiotics about 11 days ago.
After reading your recovery and how the yeast "poured out" of you--I was
much relieved!! Yesterday (day 10) after a BM, I noticed the toilet was
full of white creamy liquid!! Today was the same only in a smaller
amount. Doing a search, I came across your page and read that you too
had this reaction. This put my mind at ease! It is die off--that sure makes it nice to know it is working!

I am also following the diet plan as well. I got my Formula SF722 from the website and the
pharmacist there actually called me! It was really great. He explained how to use the Formula but first wanted
to make sure I needed to use it by asking me questions.

Thanks for sharing your story with us, it is helpful to know that others have a problem with yeast. Now if I
could only convince my doctors! They do not believe in systemic yeast. My MD said if that were true, I would be
dead!! I had to take matters into my own hands. I was on 13 antibiotic courses over the last year and NO WONDER
I HAVE YEAST. Mine is embedded in my skin (makes me itchy and burning, especially the outter vaginal area),
I had an anal fissure the went away on this treatment plan as well. My nose is clearer and my chest is clearer (got
diagnosed with Asthma).

Thanks again,
10/06/2000 susan johnston melbourne It is amazing to me that within two months of reading your web-site I have made more progress than I did in almost two years of talking to OB/GYNs, GPs and pharmacists. I simply can't thank you enough.
10/04/2000 Nancy Bachman Kalamazoo, Michigan I found your website very helpful and inspiring....I've been going through a number of tests over the last year to figure out what is wrong with me and it turns out that I have a yeast infection, which my doctor has diagnosed as chronic. However, ALL the medications I've been put on have done nothing to phase it in the least.....I'm about to the end of my rope with this and so happy to have come across your website....It has given me hope that maybe I can finally get rid of this nuisance. Thank you SO much for creating this website!!!!
09/22/2000 Maggie Ortiz Miami, Florida Your web page is great. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and have been exploring the possibility that I may not have Fibromyalgia, but Chronic Systemic Candida. In just a few weeks of taking a homeopathic remedy for Candida called Aquaflora and following a strict diet, I am already seeing wonderful results in my condition. I have the lowest level of pain I've had these past 4 years and I have gotten off
a huge number of supplements that I had to take just to be able to function. Once I've completed the homeopathic treatment protocol, I plan to also use Formual SF-722.
09/20/2000 Gillian James

Nottingham, United Kingdom


What a great site and attitude to match. To any other sufferers keep fighting the good fight; you can make all the difference to your own recovery.
09/08/2000 Diane   Montreal, Canada Dear Ms. Tripp: I would like to thank you for your great web site. I followed your "diet" to cure my yeast infection and it has now disappeared (my doctor confirmed it). It is the first time after about 10 years that I'm finally clean. I still can't believe I don't have a yeast infection; after so many years, it had become part of my life...I have been so used to eating differently in the past few weeks, that now I find it difficult to go back to my previous eating habits. I'm so scared that the infection comes back! With the diet, I also got rid of my headaches and I don't need to sleep as much at night. I feel in great shape.

Thank you so much.
09/02/2000 Charlene Winnipeg, MB <BR>Karen,<BR>
Thanks so much for sharing your story and offering support! My husband and I have tried pretty much everything to kill Candida, and still suffer from a number of symptoms. We look forward to trying formula SF-722 and thank you so much for your help!!!<BR>
God Bless,<BR>
Charlene<P><CENTER><A HREF=""><IMG
BORDER="0" ALT="Char's Home on the WWW"></A></CENTER>
08/30/2000 Christy   Toronto FYI - Just in case anyone else asks you...the source you gave me:
Supplements Plus, 317 Adeline St. West #503, Toronto, Ont. M5V 1P9 (800)387-4761 or (416)962-8269 DOES sell the SF 722...because I just went and bought it!! However, while the phone number you gave me is still correct, they must have moved because their address is now:
451 Church St., Toronto, Ont. M4Y 2C5.

Thanks again for the info.
08/17/2000 Pat Munro   I'm really excited to learn about this program. Just following the diet alone I already feel better but know I need a lot more info and the medicine that will expedite my condition. Thanks for being on line.
08/10/2000 Elisabeth Leeds, UK Hi everyone! Great Candida site, Karen, very encouraging. There's NO WAY I could stand a 6 - 12 month standard candida programme, so I'm on day one of the Formula SF 722 one!
Health Interlink in the UK are VERY quick. I ordered Monday afternoon and it arrived Wednesday morning.
Anyone got any suggestions on how vegetarians can keep to a low carb diet? NO I DO NOT EAT FISH AND NO TRUE VEGETARIAN EVER DOES!
Please e-mail any ideas to me along with any experiences with this programme. I want to know hoe YOU got on and will hopefully include some of them in a forthcoming Candida section on my site.
E soon!!

Elisabeth Braun
07/20/2000 Jane Yates England I found your site very helpful and informative. I have printed a lot of the information to try to help my husband who is a candida sufferer.
07/02/2000 Keith Speed   Oldham, England Great website. Thank you.
06/27/2000 Gwen Dahoy   Hay Lakes AB. Canada I have candida I hate it so I hope this works.
If you would like to e-mail me that would be good.
Any advice you have would be helpful, thanks.

Two days into the Millennium I had a bad bout of influenza that developed into bronchitis. My doctor put me on a course of steroids. Tests later showed I had Candida.

I religiously followed the recommended diet which was hard going and although I felt a little better I did not feel I was being cured. In utter despair I went to the Chinese Medical Centre which had just opened in the town in which I live in the UK. Its doctors are qualified in both western and traditional Chinese medicine from the Guang An Men hospital which is an affiliated hospital of the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I asked one if she could do anything for Candida and was told that in China drinking the infusion from Chinese herbs treats it. Following a consultation on my symptoms and taking a series of pulses, the doctor prescribed a mixture of herbs: they were awkward to prepare and, at first, obnoxious to drink – after two weeks these were thankfully changed to capsule form

At the end of the first week I was allowed to moderately re-introduce all the forbidden foods including white bread. Halfway through the second week I started to feel different and knew I was being cured. In a further ten days – 18 May 2000 - I was re-tested for Candida. I was not only 100% clear but all my previous food intolerances had gone - my readings on everything were perfect. What also amazed me was that although I have been allergic for many years to every type of shellfish all but lobster and crayfish have disappeared. I can now eat anything except these without ill-effect: I have eaten mushrooms several times with no problem. A friend who has both Candida and Fibromyalgia starts a course of treatment on 24 May 2000: I will post the result.

The doctor I saw was Dr Yi Zhu (MD). The clinic which also operates a postal service for dispatching herbs is the Chinese Medicine Centre at 19 Terminus Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 3QL, United Kingdom: telephone number (0)1323 749868. Although the clinic is not yet on-line the doctor’s personal E-mail address is:

My thanks to Karen for permission to post my alternative cure for Candida on her Guestbook. My E-mail address is:
06/08/2000 Rita Feistner South Dakota I am exited about your website.
05/08/2000 Bonnie Patrick Calgary, Alberta After suffering for years with chronic sinusitis I decided to do my own research because I thought that a mold or fungus must be keeping this thing going. A friend of mine with the same problem came across your web site. With in a week we had both gone down to see Dr. Pillar. Now 40 days later I am pleased to say that I have not been in better health in the last 10 years of my life. The infections have all cleared up - I can breath and smell and run and the list goes on - not to mention that I dropped 17 pounds in the process and have no intention of finding it again. Karen - thank you ever so much for changing my life as you have done for plenty others. Take care and to good health - Bonnie
05/02/2000 Linda Tisdale Calgary, Alberta I wrote in this book earlier & just had to update - I'm on day 36 of Dr. Piller's program - it works, its fantastic - I'm a new person. The die-off was a little tiring for a few days but I truly am a new person - even my husband can't believe my health after so many years of sinus infections, yeast infections & basically living on antibiotics. I have not taken an anti-histamine or decongestant since I started the program & have no need for one. On day 4 I had a headache & that's the last one I've had - I used to take 3 - 6 Ibuprofin every day because of sinus headaches! I can't say enough about Dr. Piller's program - my husband also saw him even tho he does not suffer from yeast - but we found out a couple of surprising things about his health & he now feels like a new person as well. I thank Dr. Piller and Karen for her website every single day cause life is better than it's ever been my entire adult life! If you want to hear more detail about my health & recovery feel free to contact me. I've also done tons of reading that Karen suggested & am learning so much about how my body works, what it needs & doesn't need, etc. Life is truly a pleasure again.
04/13/2000 Joy Simpson Sebring, Fl 33872 Just found your website yesterday and am thrilled that I might be able to solve my problem with the
pills mentioned in your article instead of having to give up most of the food that I enjoy for 6 months
to a year. My allergy testing found me to be serverely allergic to candida and I'm not sure if that
means I have an infection or just allergic. Thanks for all the info, maybe with it I can find out!
04/11/2000 Elizabeth Pritchard Australia Just received my Formula SF722 today it only took a week to receive I was amazed at how fast it got here. No customs problems. I am preparing to start the program but think I will wait till after the easter bunny goes I don't need any distractions!!! So any of you in Ausralia don't hesitate to order through the modern herbalist site.
04/11/2000 Hans Cayley Leeds, UK I took antibiotics for 2 plus years and have suffered chronic fatigue/ candida symptoms since. This page has some very positive information I'm hoping it lives up to it!
04/06/2000 Gail Carlisle Yorkshire England I have candida and found your info very helpful,I have just
started the program . Thanks again.
04/05/2000 Diana Laughter Fletcher, North Carolina USA Thank you for taking the time to address the problem of Candida. I started a protein diet and lost weight the first week then the weight loss stopped. I have not give up on the diet but feel that I have a multitude of symptons that point to Candida. I was looking for help and a friend told me about your website. I have ordered the SF-722 to see if it will help.
04/04/2000 Hans-Peter Brunner Germany, Magdeburg I have also a systemic candida for 22 years and hope to find an able doctor.
03/31/2000 Liz Murray Des Moines, Iowa At least now I have several options. The last doctor I found moved out of state over 15 years ago. The Candidia came back and I've had no help since. I've been to your site several times and am now awaiting the PDF fill from your doctor. Thanks for taking the time to create this website.
03/29/2000 Elizabeth Pritchard Australia Impressed with the info available hoping it can work for me all the best you are doing a great job.
03/11/2000 Linda Tisdale Calgary, Alberta In my 3rd week of researching yeast syndrome I found Karen's site & couldn't stop reading. I've read every word several times, printed every page & have an apt with Dr. Piller on Mar 27 - can't wait. I've changed my diet severely & already feel better but can't wait to rid my body of that yeast crap! Thanks a million for sharing your story where so many of us can find it. Stay Healthy!
03/11/2000 Stephanie Scandinavia This is a great site, very useful to us suffering from this plaguesome situation. Thank you Karen!
03/10/2000 LalenyaJ Heathrow, Florida I've been suffering with FMS since 1997 and refuse to believe there isn't some relief in sight. I've been to all the professionals and the only thing prescribed are pain meds. There has to be a better way and after taking the Candida test and scoring over 200, I felt I have one more avenue to explore. I would like to hear about any success stories with the Candida vitiams.
03/02/2000 Karen Liane Bennett Perth, Western Australia, Australia I came across this wonderful information. I was at my wits end - feeling bloating, putting on a fair amount of weight (and frustrated at the fact that I am not able to lose it even through rigorous exercise) tired, irritable, lack of energy etc. Even though I am along way from where the medication is available I am going to try my best to get hold of some of it and become healthy again.
02/25/2000 Jennifer Kirsch Northern Cambria, PA I'm at the start of the candida program and very hopeful to be rid of fibromyalgia. Is there anybody out there who has successfully gone through the program for fibromyalgia? Would like to hear from you.
02/05/2000 Melanie Tennessee Karen, I've recommended your page to several people, thanks for sharing the story about your illness.
02/03/2000 Kim   Garland, TX I don't know how I found this website but I'm excited that I have. I plan on ordering the book from Dr. Blinzler and hopefully will get lucky and get a free phone consultation.
Thank you for sharing your website, its very cool!
12/29/1999 Lisa Willis Grants Pass ,Oregon I tried to email,but was unsuccessful. Q. I have always had trouble with fresh garlic, gives me migraine headaches. Any suggestions?
Also, it would be great to have a support,o.k.,but in my area even better. I really appreciate your website, it is very informative ! Thank you, Lisa
05/30/1998 Bozena and Tom Hurst. Fort McMurray Alberta, Canada. Karen, This information is super and I plan to contact the good Doctor next Friday as I have four days to work.Thank you for you're help up to now. I am looking forward to this but it seems the area code is from the U.S.A.. Did you have insomnia with this "Candida" or were you able to sleep okay? I have an ear problem with mine , however it is slowly clearing up. I will definately contact The Doctor as sooI will have a home page soon so will forward this info along as it becomes available.Also I am working on a diet and will definately appreciate any assistance I can get.If there are any costs involved , feel free to let me know. Thank you again Bozena and Tom Hurst.




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