"NULINE" Dancing
Line Dancing to pop & ballroom music

The Cranbrook Line Dance Club dances during the Spring/Summer/Fall months
April to October


Now offering 4 Levels:

Ultra Beginner
Improver/Low Intermediate

We dance to all kinds of music:
pop, 50s,
rumba, cha cha, waltz, tango, and occasionally... country!

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Beginner Level
Nuline Dancing (includes pop & ballroom)

St. Mary's Catholic School, in the gym
Enter through West side gym doors
1701 - 5th Street S.
EXCEPTION:  JUNE 20th - see above

7-8 pm - Ultra beginner / Newbie
(fun and easy, cue & do, drop-in)
8-9 pm - Beginner
(introduce turns, tags, restarts)

Cost is $9 per person
Come when you like and stay as long as you like.

No street shoes in the gym, please.
No boots. Wear soft-soled shoes.
Be aware that sneakers are not good
for dancing, because they don't slide.

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Improver/Low Intermediate Level
Nuline Dancing (includes pop & ballroom)

Dance With Me Cranbrook Dance Studio
on 13th Ave. near Safeway
Monday afternoons 4-6 pm

** Note **
Dances we do include:

Big Blue Tree (Ria Vos)
Ex's and Oh's (Amy Glass)
Gypsy Queen (Hazel Pace)
Love on the Brain (Tripp)
Maybe Tomorrow (Niels Poulsen)
My Tango Baby (Tripp)
Oops Baby (Cody Flowers & Rachael McEnaney White)
Strip it Down (Rachael McEnaney White)
True Believer! (Niels Poulsen)

Intermediate/Advanced Level
Nuline Dancing (includes pop & ballroom)

 Dance With Me Cranbrook dance studio
on 13th Avenue near Safeway
Thursday afternoons, 4-6 pm**

** Note **
Dances we do include:

Ain't Misbehavin' (Jo Thompson & co)
Blurred Lines (Rachael McEnaney White & co.)
Don't Let the Sun Go Down (Niels Poulsen & Simon Ward)
Extreme Love (Niels Poulsen)
Pink Champagne (Rachael McEnaney)
Pieces (Dustin Betts)
Tango with me Darling (Rob Fowler & Daniel Whittaker)
Thumbs Up (Scott Blevins & Amy Glass)

These sessions are fast-moving and intense.

For a complete list of dances done between April and October 2016 click here.

Over 150 Line Dances
choreographed by Karen Tripp